Tristram Hunt at Sheffield Hallam

Edit: Unfortunately, Tristram Hunt has cancelled his talk, so the event will no longer be taking place.


Tristram Hunt MP for Stoke on Trent and a prominent member of the Labour Party is coming to speak at Sheffield Hallam University at 17:30 on the 18th of February. Organised by Young Labour Sheffield this unique event is free to attend and is open to anyone between the ages of 14-27.

For just over an hour he will speak to the audience about what went wrong in 2015, the seats Labour needs to secure in order to win in 2020. He’ll then lead a discussion on what kind of policies and campaigning needs to be done in order convince disenfranchised demographics to vote for the Labour Party in the future. This will be followed by a Q&A and an open debate on how young people from Sheffield can help the party.

Mr Hunt has been an MP since the 2010 election and quickly rose to distinction when he was promoted to the position of Shadow Education secretary in 2013. During the 2015 leadership election he was an open critic of the Corbyn campaign resigned his position as a shadow minister as a result of leadership outcome. Following Jeremys victory he helped to establish ‘Labour for the Common Good’ which is wryly referred to as “the Resistance”. Its members include the several influential party MPs such as Chuka Umunna, Lizz Kendall and Hunt himself – all of whom are former frontbenchers. It aims to bring together the soft left, old right, Brownites and Blairites to counter the emboldened Corbynite wing.

Ever since Corybn was elected Hunt has been active across the country talking to a wide array of student unions and youth groups in an attempt to inspire more cooperation from young people. On his last visit to Sheffield he argued to the University of Sheffield Students Union that the party had

“marched decisively away from the views of voters on issues that are fundamental to our electoral prospects: immigration, personal financial interest, welfare, public services, and business”.

Tristram is as keen as ever to help promote the Labour party as the best option for Britain and he hasn’t let his differing of opinions with his new leader affect his determination in promoting his cause. An outspoken critic of the rising inequality within our nation and an advocate for educational reform makes this event one that is relevant to every student and should not be missed.

Author: Josh Powlesland

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