Deliverd Sheffield: affordable and refined food made by great chefs.

“We believe very strongly that the business has great potential for the future but as far as expectation goes we always have to think about tomorrow rather than in a month’s time or further ahead than that.” James Grant, manager at Deliverd

Deliverd is an eatery similar to JustEat or Deliveroo, and was founded in March 2015. Since then, they have been evolving and giving the best to their customers. From the student who wants to eat healthier, to the worker who has half an hour break.

James Grant, a manager at Deliverd, pointed out: ”Our customers all have the challenges of eating well within busy lives. Some are very focused on health and fitness, others simply want a convenient food solution whereas a lot just want nice food to eat at an affordable price.”

Paul Rawlings and James Grant are partners and the managers of Deliverd have a challenge, be on the same level as its competitors.

So, the question is, what is the main difference between Deliverd and already existing companies like JustEat? James Grant said: ”We offer a chilled product that is pre-ordered from a weekly menu and has been prepared and packaged for delivery to multiple customers, unlike on-demand services like Just Eat or Deliveroo that deal with one order of hot food at a time.”

The company Deliverd is based right in the city centre of Sheffield and composed of skilled chefs. It is an unique cost, with all meals costing £4, including delivery.

For more information go to Deliverd

Salomée Béranger

Author: Josh Powlesland

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