Nester: The Professional Tinder

Nester is like Tinder, but for professionals, it’s a French company which allows young and old people to connect.

The concept is simple:seniors guide young professionals to start their company by giving them their knowledge in the world of work.

Like Tinder the site matches profiles to create the best matched team to create a successful business.

Marine Baret, the PR practitioner of the team says: “It’s not only about business and commercial, but also how to create links, connect with people, and learn from one another.”

There is a lot of work involved with each person within the team to meet their target audience which is young people aged between 18 and 35 years old and elders from 45 and 70 years old.

Marine also adds: “We thought it was necessary to find out new methods to help out young people, like us who would like to be successful after their degree, and be guided by older people who have already been there, and know how it all works.”

When the project first began it aimed to help older people, who are isolated from society and feel lonely. Basically, young professionals would go to seniors’ places and work there all day. But then they realised that elders could have skills and knowledge to share with younger people, and that’s how the business was established.

Why Nester? The PR practitioner says: “Because the English word ‘nest’ refers to the idea of comfort, and a ‘hoster’ is someone who greets, welcomes other people, and help them to feel reassured. It is also a sense of community and collaboration, a way to live altogether.”
If you want to learn more about this thriving company, go on their Facebook page:

Words by Salomée Béranger

Author: Josh Powlesland

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