Fickle Friends at Leadmill

12903774_10209365156274715_1755522826_oCurrently touring in the USA, the Brighton-based bubbly/pop band Fickle Friends were playing at the epic venue The Leadmill, Sheffield, on the 26th of February. They were supported by the Liverpool-quartet Clean Cut Kid and it resulted in a funky atmosphere.

The headliners of the night said more about their music, and the whole process of working on their creations. Natti, the female lead singer said: ”When it comes to writing music, it’s always music first. Then, I have a notebook full of lyrics where I go back to.”

Jack, the pianist, when asked why do they make music and what does it mean to them, answered: ”You can’t really describe it. It is our passion, and you can’t really explain why you love it, it is just what it is.”

On stage, the five-piece band creates a cheerful atmosphere, everyone is dancing under the flashy purple lights. Natti communicates with the crowd between each song and transmits the love for music to the fans present in the room. Their music could be defined as a mix between The Weeknd and Foxes. A trippy sound which makes you want to listen to it on a road trip, when the sun sets.

Clean Cut Kid were as impressive as the headliners, and above all, nice people. Ross Higginson, the drummer of the band, when asked what inspires them to create, said: ”That moment when you finish a song inspires me. That feeling when it’s done, it’s pride. You’re happy. Writing new songs inspires me. It’s like a big achievement, and it makes me want to do more.”12922341_10209365154834679_523809287_o

Mike Halls, the lead singer, said: ”We are definitely the lucky ones. Because we wake up everyday, and our job is just to make music, and play music to people.”

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Words by Salomée Béranger

Author: Josh Powlesland

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