The Holt: an Industrial arty café

The Holt is a café/art gallery on Arundel Street. It’s owned by a lovely couple: Jessica Rose Warn and Gareth Jones.

Entering The Holt is like entering a new world. A whole part of the café is dedicated to art where people can show their work to the local communities (and beyond) and with a wide choice of homemade food and drinks, you can sit, eat and enjoy.

Jessica Rose Warn, 33, manager, said: ”The name of the café sums up pretty well the idea we had in the first place: The Holt. So, the idea of a den, a safe place, the nice kind of cosy place was what we wanted to create. Somewhere where you could retreat to hide away from whatever is happening outside.”

Jessica thought about having a place like this when she left University. She is originally from Somerset, but moved to Sheffield ten years ago to study: ”It’s been something I thought about for a long time. I believed it would be nice to own a Café where you could also have workshops, art, and events…But at that time, it was only a dream.”

“When Gareth and I got together we both had a shared love for food, cooking for people, art… We travelled quite a bit together: we went to Berlin last year and we saw the cool places popping up from industrial buildings and just the creative ways people are using them for. It’s where the inspiration came from. ”

Jessica stressed that she wanted the place to not only be a Café, but a special place where people can stop for a while and escape reality: ”We’ve never wanted it to be just about food and coffee we wanted it to be a space that can be used by people, a kind of community space.”

Another cause dear to her heart is to support the local economy by using local products: ”We really wanted it to be from local companies. Everything we have is local. We use Our Cow Molly for the milk, Smith Street Coffee Roasters, Cocoa Wonderland for hot chocolates, herbs and salad come from The Herb Table in the Peak District, teas from the Birdhouse Tea Company… The aim was to bring together all the local stuff together and make things like we would do for our friends and family.”13036335_10209575131763971_2143692106_o

Exciting events are coming up for the quirky Café. From Friday 15 April they are hosting  Art Sheffield in the space, it will be a collection of scratch videos from the 80s and it’s free for everyone to come in and watch them. That’s going on for three to four weeks.

After that, they’re going to have a Craft Fair starting on the 28 May for a week. There will be a designer, a barbecue and a bar. And over summer there will be bands playing throughout the week.

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Words by: Salomée Béranger

Author: Josh Powlesland

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