Muay Thai coming to Real Fight Life TV

For the first time in TV history in the UK, Muay Thai will be airing on Freeview Channel 91 every Saturday at 10-12am and Sunday at 7-7.30pm.

Real Fight Life TV will be showcasing all the best past Muay Thai combat events, including ‘The Tankō Main Event Rewind.’

On Sunday’s Real Fight Life TV will be showing ‘life behind the fighter’ which includes interviews with Muay Thai and MMA professional fighters.

Director of Tankō Management and FightLifeTV founder, Jamie Alaise said: “With Fight Life TV, we’re bringing combat sports to the television screen in a completely new way,”

On Sunday 13th November Fight Life TV will feature UFC and MMA star athlete Brendan Loughnane who recently won the Tankō fighting championship in 2016. In 2014 Loughnane was the British Novice Wrestling Champion and he has won fights against athletes such as Eden Newton, David Lee, Steve Polifonte and Florian Rousseau.

“Never before has anyone been able to watch so many different styles of combat sports in one place. With our programming, we’re offering a platform for all types of combat sports events to showcase their content to the nation.”

Real Fight Life TV aims to promote combat sport to the masses and make sports fans aware of this niche sport.

“Domestic combat sports will soon have the bigger audience it deserves, but we’re particularly proud that we’ve managed to bring all of this high-quality programming to the screen without charging the viewer. All the content on Fight Life TV will be free – and we consider that a huge achievement.”

On Saturday 12th November Fight Life TV will be airing The Tankō Main Events Part Two which will include fights between:

  • Robbie Collins vs Glyn Blackburn
  • Lewis Tams vs Matthew Van Lierop
  • Scott Stewart vs Steve Gregory
  • Emma Bragg vs Dakota Ditcheva
  • Reece McAllister vs Fabio Pinca

Find out more at: Facebook /fightlifetvuk and Twitter @RealFightLifeTV


Words by Katie Hetherington


Author: Ryan Newsam

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